Working together to protect our future

The Northern Territory Police are responsible for policing northern and central Australia. From Darwin in hot wet tropical north to the dry dusty desert country of Alice Springs and Ayers Rock in the south. The Northern Territory is Australia's last frontier and it takes a special kind of person to Police it. Police work in 'The Territory' as Australians refer to it, is varied, exciting and exhilarating. It is also testing, isolated and sometimes very dangerous with the nearest assistance often several hundred kilometres away.

It is the role of the Northern Territory Police Association to look after the courageous men and women who are the protectors of the north. It is the Association's role to see to their welfare, to protect their conditions of service, to ensure they are properly equipped and trained 'to fight the good fight', to look after their loved ones when tragedy strikes, which regrettably it often does and also to enhance the profession of policing in Australia's far north.

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