Working together to protect our future

As we kick off 2017 it already looks like its going to be a big year.

By the time you read this we will be in negotiation with the Commissioners representatives for the 2017 Consent Agreement which kicked off in early February.

A lot of work has been done in preparing our log of claims and we thank all members who contributed both at the information sessions we held at stations, as well as via the email address. The CA email address will
remain open to answer any questions or receive any final thoughts from members
throughout the negotiation period.

Once we have a deal on the table and are ready to put it to members for a vote, we plan to travel to most, if not all stations and hold information sessions to inform you of the details. We will be continuing to keep members updated via regular and special newsletters and emails, as the negotiations progress.

Please take the time to read them as they come out and keep yourself informed an update on the Agreement negotiation progress.

This year there will also be a number of new departmental policies and initiatives anticipated to be rolled out including the long awaited updated Pursuit Policy and the new My Career Policy, which will include the My Career on-line program to replace the much maligned Performance Plus system that we all know and love.

We also expect to see an Operational Response Policy that we hope will address some of the issues and concerns our Association has raised about members working one-up out bush and performing POSI duties.


General Duties members in Darwin, Casuarina and Palmerston will have commenced working their new roster, after the majority of members voted in favour of commencing the roster trial.

The new roster, which is based on a version of the current roster worked by Alice Springs GDs, will also see an alignment of the roster cycle period with Alice Springs and it is hoped that changes will also be made to the Katherine roster cycle, so it too can align, bringing the three major centres all with rosters running the same in terms of roster cycles.

This should assist members when it comes to transfers, courses etc. The new Darwin Metro roster will be reviewed over four consecutive roster cycles/periods by the Roster Review Committee (RRC), of which I am the NTPA Representative. All members working the new roster are encouraged to provide feedback, both good and bad, to the RRC during the trial period. You can do this through your station RRC representative, your OIC or direct to me via email. After the four roster cycles are completed, it is anticipated that the roster, subject to any changes or issues identified, will be permanently adopted by Darwin Metro Command. The process has been fast tracked as quickly as possible by the RRC, in an effort to get the trial underway.

Thanks go to Superintendent Hege Burns who has driven this project at the request of DMC members and to those members who volunteered their time as RRC representatives for their respective stations.


As you are aware during 2016 our Association dealt with a number of issues surrounding members being left alone to work in remote bush stations without the assistance of a second or relief member there to back them up.

We also continue to highlight issues and dangers surrounding members who are working one up at bottle shops (POSIs) with limited support and back up.

The aforementioned Operational Response Policy, currently being developed by the Police Force, will incorporate rules around single officer patrols and duties, amongst others. A working group has been established with the NTPA represented by President Paul McCue and me.

A number of interstate policies and models are being looked at, with the hope that the NTPF can develop its own best practice model to suit the Territorys
unique operational environment. From an NTPA perspective, our priority is always to ensure that the new policy affords members maximum safety and protection and that stations, particularly remote stations, are adequately resourced with staff to ensure that members are not faced with the situation where they are forced to put themselves or their communities at risk, by not being able to attend or by attending to incidents one up.

We rely on members to keep us informed of these things so that we can not only keep track of how regularly these types of practices are occurring, but also take up the issue with Police management to ensure that proper process is being followed when it comes to member welfare and safety.


Each year a number of members commence Part Time employment, take half pay Long Service Leave, Leave Without Pay (Career Breaks) or commence Maternity Leave.

You may not be aware that under some circumstances your NTPA membership fees can be suspended or the fees adjusted to reflect this change in your income. If one of these circumstances applies to you, please get in contact with our office staff to discuss your options and make the appropriate arrangements to ensure that you are paying the correct fees and there is no disruption to your membership.

Contact the office staff on 08 8995 9520 or via email to for more information.