Working together to protect our future

Well we certainly hit the ground running in 2018. Before the new year had even kicked off the President, our new Communications Officer, Kyrrie Blenkinsop (on her first NTPA road trip), and I were on the road travelling to Alice Springs, and Tennant Creek, to start the first round of presentations to members on the revised Consent Agreement offer, prior to it going to membership vote in mid-January.

These first round of presentations were backed up with a series of further presentations in Katherine, the three Darwin Stations and Peter McAulay Centre. All up, fifteen revised CA2017 presentations were presented to more than 160 members, in a quick two-week period across the Northern Territory. Unfortunately, due to the tight deadlines following the outcomes agreed to, during the Conciliation process, and the Christmas - New Year public holidays, we were unable to travel to bush stations, before the vote opened on 15th January. We were also conscious that any further delay in the voting period would have caused additional delays in the pay rise being processed, so it was decided not to extend the time frames of the vote and hope that bush members could find all the information and access the online video and audio presentations we made available for them.

This CA was a series of firsts. The first two-year agreement, the first time we have used electronic voting, which proved to be very successful. The first time we have used the Conciliation process through the Police Arbitral Tribunal and the first time I have been directly involved in the negotiation process, which was certainly an interesting and long 18-month journey. I would like to thank all our Regional Delegates for the assistance they have offered us over this very long and drawn out Consent Agreement planning, negotiation, voting and conciliation process. Without your help, my job would have been ever harder. Of course, we get to do it all again in 12 months time for the start of negotiations for the 2019 agreement.


In 2018 we welcomed Andrea Wyllie as our new Industrial Officer. Andrea is a very experienced Industrial Officer, with many years experience working for Police members in Western Australia. The intention moving forward is that with Andrea now on board in her role, she will take on the bulk of the industrial and disciplinary related matters (shes certainly been busy on that front); whilst I will retain Police housing, member welfare, NTPA membership, Regional Delegates and the more police operationally-based matters. Of course, I will continue to be available to assist members with any industrial or other matter as needed. This new structure is intended to free me up from the office so that I can be more field-based, giving me the opportunity to visit stations, particularly bush stations, on a more regular basis throughout the year (something I am looking forward to). It's also planned for me to spend several days a month in Alice Springs and we have recently secured some office space in the Alice Plaza to facilitate this.

As a result of the CA negotiations and final outcome there will be a number of on-going projects this year. Most importantly the long overdue review into regional and remote policing. We all know how hard our bush members are working, and the ever-growing list of vacancies at remote and regional stations is just exacerbating the issues. I believe that this review is a fantastic opportunity to really look at the issues out bush, why we have so many vacancies and what we can do to make bush more attractive. It's not all about the money, there are a whole range of reasons why members dont want to work or stay bush. I urge members who have both recent and past NT Police bush experiences, both good and bad, to contribute to this very important project when the opportunity arises. This is the chance to really make a positive difference to bush policing in the Territory.

There will also be the implementation of the JESCC review recommendations which will include the transitioning of the AO3 Emergency Call Taker roles back to sworn Police Auxiliary roles and includes the transitional pay arrangements for Police Auxiliaries working in the JESCC. We welcome the former AO3 ECTs to the ranks, as new Police Auxiliary members (and hopefully members of the NTPA). We will be working closely with Police Management to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible, for all affected members working in the JESCC.

A number of other important reviews and projects that will be underway in 2018 include a review of the Promotional process, including the RKE, some work on the disciplinary process and of course the much-discussed Centralised Rostering project. Members can be assured that your Association will be there at the table advocating to ensure that all the necessary protections are there for members. It's certainly going to be a busy year ahead.

And finally, a remainder that if you hear or know of things that are happening in the workplace that you think the Association should know about (such as members injured or assaulted on duty, working one up at bush stations etc), give us a call or drop us an email to let us know. We rely on you, the members, to tell us about things that are affecting you in the workplace. Call the office on 8995 9520 or email