Working together to protect our future

Your Association works hard over the term of each Consent Agreement to prepare for the next round of enterprise bargaining negotiations to ensure you our members receive the best remuneration and terms and conditions that we can get, given the economic and social climates of the day.

Once agreed to, we also ensure that members workplace rights are protected and where necessary, fought for where an issue arises in which those rights are disputed or there is a question as to the interpretation of those rights. This happens more often than some members might think.

We also ensure NTPA members who are the subject of legal proceedings arising out of the course of their employment are properly protected against expensive legal costs in defending such proceedings, be it criminal or civil even in cases where the Commissioner declines to cover those costs (a reasonably regular occurrence).

But there are other services that we provide that you may not have turned your mind to when you joined up or when considering whether there is value in your membership of your Association.

We will also assist members who are the subject of Part V of the PAA inability/invalidity proceedings that could lead to attempts at early retirement.

Members are also able to access welfare loans of up to $10,000 on an interest free basis to help them overcome short term personal financial difficulties in a broad range of circumstances.

Then there is the $50,000 life insurance policy that all NTPA members are covered by should they die during their career as a sworn member of the Northern Territory Police Force. This insurance has meant loved ones left behind have been afforded a greater financial security than they might otherwise have had if the deceased was not a member of your Association. Whilst not a topic of general discussion, its nice to know in the back of your mind that your family have that added financial protection.

We also provide assistance with matters such as workers compensation claims. Your Association can assist in the preparation of claims, as well as representing members at mediation conferences where claims are rejected at the first instance. Members are also able to access discounted legal representation should a claim ultimately need to be determined in the Work Health Court. We can also assist members in investigating whether an accepted claim can be settled by payment of a lump sum payment in lieu of ongoing compensation payments in appropriate circumstances.

We also actively promote pastoral care for our members to protect their mental as well as physical wellbeing and continue to advocate for improved services in that space.

There is also the issue of illness/injury not manifesting until after a member has retired/resigned from the Police Force. Your Association will continue to assist an ex-sworn member of the Police Force in the years after separation if they were fully paid up members of the Association at the time of their resignation/retirement for workers compensation and other welfare issues. This can be done directly or through the Retired Police Association.

Your Association is always assessing and reassessing our services to you, our members. This is why we undertake member surveys on a semi-regular basis to review our effectiveness and seek input as to where and how our services can be improved and/or expanded.

So if you know someone who is not a member of your Association (there are a few), you might like to point out the many services and protections we offer to all our members.

Finally, I reported in the March edition that the Chinese zodiac prophesised that we as an Association should expect challenges because the Rooster is the Rabbits exact opposite. Prepare for all sorts of difficulties in 2017, especially financial. Hard work is foreseen, bringing frustration and anger. Stay calm, dear Rabbit.

More will be said on the enterprise bargaining negotiations in the next issue of the NT Police News, however what I can say now is that the Chinese zodiac really is prophetic, particularly with regards to the bit about hard work is foreseen, bringing frustration and anger!