Working together to protect our future

As we all continue to move through the changes that Coronavirus has placed amongst us and we start returning to what once was, we can begin to reflect on what took place.

The ability to do what we want, when we want, and how we want at a time convenient to us was removed. Some found it very easy to manage the change and some found quite difficult, to say the least.

During the lock down a number of recruit squads graduated with very little fanfare or families for that matter. They began their career with the Northern Territory Police Force under some very strict conditions, as they left the college for their first posting.

With the appropriate social distancing provisions in place, I was able to attend the graduation of Auxiliary Squad 63. Well done to the graduating members and I am sure I will see you around JESCC as I visit.

COVID-19 also saw the implementation of Border Control Points at multiple locations on our borders and Biosecurity Points internally, in an effort to protect vulnerable Territorians from the virus. I was lucky enough to visit some of the northern Bio Security Points. President Paul McCue and I did a Good Friday Easter egg run to visit the crews and help the members keep their sugar levels up.

Stopping at the Edith Falls check point, which started as a tent, members now had a fully working mobile camp on site for their use. We continued through to Katherine and checked in on the Timber Creek side before makingour way down to the Central Arnhem Road checkpoint and on to the Roper Highway checkpoint. We arrived at the Roper Highway checkpoint the same time as Mataranka Police members and the Divisional Superintendent the busiest period the check point had seen for a number of days.

If all goes well as the restrictions are lifted as per the Governments plan, I will be able to get out to as many of the remote stations as I can in July and August.

The NTPA is glad to see progress in the Promotional Pathway space with the new Pathway for Senior Constable being rolled out. A successful roll out of this program ill see a focus on other ranks for development. Although it has taken some time, the Pathway is a step in the right direction for the Police Force.

The NTPA is also working with NT Police Executive to progress ideas into solutions with the aim of attempting to achieve both short term relief and long-term sustainable programs for our remote locations.

As always as soon as we have anything to report we will issue an eNews, in the meantime if you have questions feel free to contact me via email or phone 0428 881 652.