Working together to protect our future

Integrity and Respect

We act with integrity and show respect for the people with whom we associate.

Helping Each Other

We have an obligation to help each other succeed

Relentless Improvement

We create value through relentless improvement

Performance Orientation

We focus on the results of performance as the best test of success

Clear Accountability

We each have clear accountabilities

Power of Ideas

We are challenged by the power of ideas

High Quality Decisions

Our actions are based on high quality decisions and analysis


We recognize that our members pay our wages and are dedicated to providing products and service effectively and expeditiously.


We create value by being a learning organization


Each person will treat their colleagues and customers with honesty, courtesy and respect. We will behave in a professional and acceptable manner, performing our work to the best of our ability, skill and experience. We will support each other, not sabotage the efforts of others and be objective, constructive and non-abusive in criticism.

Personal Responsibility

We will accept the consequences of our actions, be productive at work in our work and take into account how work impacts on others.

Results Oriented

Demonstrated personal ownership of, commitment to, the Associations business goals and challenges.

Team Work

Effectively co-operate with other people.


Take corrective action to address issues and take steps to prevent the likelihood of potential future safety issues.


Remain open to new and better ways of doing things.


Talk to others to enhance teamwork and trust.

Association Property and resources

Use and maintain correctly in terms of specifications and propriety.

Respect, Equity and Diversity

The NTPA endorses the NT Police Respect, Equity, and Diversity Framework and will support, promote, and apply the principles contained within that framework in our workplace. In particular our Association endorses the guidelines and procedures outlined for the prevention of harassment, bullying and discrimination in the work place principles outlined within the framework and will apply those guidelines and procedures to our workplace.