Working together to protect our future

At any one time, I have a least a dozen active files on my desk; dozens more have been dealt with; a few are on-going meaning: they seemingly drag on forever. I dont need any extra work; but Im a realist; and I know that many more files will be� landing on my desk over the course of the year.

The complex legal, industrial and political landscape that you all work in, means that mistakes will be made; lines will be crossed; complaints will be lodged and not all, but some will trigger the dreaded Police Disciplinary Process.

The sooner you let us know what youre up against the easier it is to help you get through it.

Not all cases have a happy ending but most do and in the very least, we will ensure that you get a fair go because we will make sure that proper processes and procedures are followed.

The second point, and perhaps the most important one is welfare.

If things are getting you down - make sure you seek help straight away. If youre over-worked, over-tired, stressedout or depressed; you need to take immediate steps to get yourself sorted. Otherwise, you wont be able to function properly; mistakes will be made and may find that things spiral out of control.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed for whatever reason there are excellent services readily available.

A great tool for just these occasions is the free smartphoneapp EQUIPT.

EQUIPT is a free self-help tool for current and former NTPA employees and their families.

The app is designed to help you track your physical, emotional and social wellbeing and offers on-the-spot support and helpful actions to improve your well-being.

You can download the free EQUIPT app from the Google Play Store for Android users and in iTunes for Apple users.

If you need assistance or advice, or know of a colleague that needs help, please contact:

Employee Support Services Psychologists, Well-being & Health Officers and Peer Supporters: 08 8995 5422
Chaplains: Darwin: 0419 347 995; Alice Springs: 0491 220 451
Northern Territory Mental Healthline: 1800 682 288
Lifeline: 13 11 14
Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636
NTPA: 8995 9520