Working together to protect our future

Following last years Member Survey, we are actively addressing the main issues as identified by you, and which largely fall under the general headings of Member Safety; Community Safety; Engagement and Better Resourcing.

Police Numbers Have To Add Up

When we drill down further, your message and the NTPAs message is clear.

The best way to keep you safe and the community safe is through adequate police numbers and the proper allocation of resources.

To ensure our message gets through; we are continuing to push two major campaigns; which are:

#NeverWorkAlone; and Tougher Sentencing for Police Assaults.

We will be calling on the NT Government and the Commissioner of Police to produce and publish policy documents on each of these issues.

Producing policy is the first step in making sure they take action; and ensure they are held to account.

When it comes to #NeverWorkAlone we:

" Continue to monitor instances where members are left to work alone in remote stations or are asked to work without immediate backup. We will seek a commitment from the Commissioner to produce and publish a NTPOL Single Officer Policy, jointly developed with the NTPA; and similar to the Western Australian model. We also seek an agreement that all remote stations are always
to have minimum staffing levels of at least two officers. When it comes to Tougher Sentencing for Police Assaults we:

" Continue to call on the NT Government to urgently review and implement tougher sentences for assaulting a Police Officer. The NTPA has already provided a formal letter to government to this effect and given our members are assaulted approximately 260 times per year, stronger messaging by the courts is essential.


Your health and safety remain one of our main priorities.

Thats why the NTPA is joining our interstate counterparts in calling for simpler and faster access to treatment for Mental Health Claims.

We are calling for the introduction of presumptive legislation for those suffering from mental health conditions as a result of your work as a police officer.

This model will assist police with a mental health condition to get early treatment, enabling them to recover sooner, and therefore return to work and the relative normality of life sooner rather than later.


In my recent travels around the NT, I have clearly recognised the increase demand and pressure being placed upon middle management. The recent realignment and pending span and control model is clearly taking its toll on middle managers. It concerns me greatly when I see members book off on leave due to stress and work-related matters, and this is something the Commissioner cannot ignore. I have written to the Commissioner about this issue as he should be aware of the detrimental impact constant change is having on the ability for middle managers to simply get on with their job.

A lack of advertising for vacancies has resulted in significant workload increases for Sergeants and Senior Sergeants, which has not been matched with sufficient resourcing. Given the rhetoric about having almost fulfilled the extra 120 FTE positions, it is hard to believe our rosters cannot be resourced effectively.


The NTPA have recently completed a recruitment campaign for the Northern Field Officer role. The position was recently vacated when Mark (Solly) Soligo returned to the NT Police Force after almost 3 and a half years working full time with the NTPA.

The NTPA only recently appointed a full time Southern Field Officer based in Alice Springs, so prior to that Solly had the entire NT to cover in his role.

During his time with the NTPA, Solly committed to many working groups, committees, panels and extensive negotiations, all with one thing in mind: the improvement and protection of members working conditions, welfare and entitlements.

On behalf of all members and the NTPA Executive, I wish to thank Solly for his hard work and the many road trips we took listening to questionable Solly music (it really is time you updated your selection&). He will no doubt continue to advocate strongly for all members now he is back in the field.

On that note, I welcome our new Northern Field Officer, Steven Langdon, who commenced with us on 11 February 2019. Steven will no doubt be busy visiting as many workplaces as possible in the coming months and we look forward to him working closely with our Southern Field Officer to deliver face to face engagement to the whole membership.


As you will be aware, this year marks the twentieth anniversary of the tragic shooting death of Sgt Glen Huitson.

The occasion will be commemorated in various ways, coinciding with our Annual Conference in Darwin early August.

We will let you know the details in plenty of time; as we get closer to the day.

I look forward to the challenging year ahead and continue to take my hat off to each and every one of you for the sacrifice you all make protecting our community.