3 June 2020

A pre-election survey of the Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) membership, held in February of this year, has revealed many officers continue to hold concerns regarding government interference in police matters, don’t feel the government is supporting officers enough and believe the current recruitment program needs an urgent overhaul.

This is the first time the NTPA has undertaken a large pre-election survey of our membership where almost 500 officers took part, which represents a third of the workforce. More than 75% of respondents are frontline officers at Constable to Sergeant rank.

Police numbers/minimum staffing, retention of industrial entitlements, and assaults on police were ranked the three most important issues facing members. Strong themes throughout the survey include the perceived lack of separation of powers, dissatisfaction with promotional opportunities, and increased remote challenges including staffing and infrastructure.

President Paul McCue acknowledges that since the survey was undertaken, there have been some positive discussions with the Commissioner regarding consistent and ongoing recruitment and developing a contemporary promotional system to replace the previous antiquated system.  

“While these discussions are positive, the government of the day needs to commit to funding improvements in these areas, including support for our officers through stronger sentencing legislation for assaults on police and emergency workers, an increased focus on welfare resources, and wider resourcing commitments. This includes for regional and remote areas of the Territory”, said Mr McCue. 

Key results of the survey include:

•    87% of respondents believe the NT Government does not understand policing issues
•    86.5% of respondents believe the NT Government interferes in operational matters
•    62% of respondents believe the NT Government does not support police
•    90% of respondents believe the current recruitment program is ineffective
•    86.5% of respondents rate NT Labor’s handling of policing issues over this term of government as ‘poor’ or ‘extremely poor’
•    15% of members surveyed continued to express dissatisfaction with the Chief Minister and specifically called for him to resign
•    28.5% of respondents are still undecided as to how they will vote at the August election

These results have directly contributed to the NTPA’s pre-election submission to political parties and candidates in the lead up to the August 22 NT general election, which will be released in coming weeks.


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