The first National Police Remembrance Day for police in Australia was held on 29 September 1989.

The seed of National Police Remembrance Day was sown by Commissioner Brian Bull of the Western Australia Police Force when he sponsored an Agenda Item at the Conference of Australasian Police Commissioners in 1988.

Commissioner Bull, in his address, said inter alia:

"Law enforcement is a unique profession that should promote pride in service and dedication to duty, fostering a sense of camaraderie among police officers throughout Australia and to a lesser extent, throughout the world." 

A National Police Remembrance Day for police officers killed on duty will encourage police officers and their families to honour the memory of colleagues, who have given their lives in service to their community and focus public attention on the men and women of the police forces throughout Australia, whose responsibility it is to ensure peace and good order, and the difficulties they face in bearing that responsibility.

Today, in Australia, National Police Remembrance Day commemorates police office throughout the Australasia and South-West Pacific region who were killed on duty or who died whilst serving.


“We will remember.”

Northern Territory Police Officers killed in the execution of their duties



Mounted Constable 1/C John Charles SHIRLEY*07 November 1883
Native Constable PETER10 January 1890
Native Tracker MUNGO2 November 1890
Native Constable WALTER1 November 1892
Mounted Constable Albert Stewart McCOLL1 August 1933
Constable Maxwell Clifford GILBERT17 August 1948
Constable William Bryan CONDON9 June 1952
Inspector Louis Clandon HOOK16 June 1967
Sergeant Colin John ECKERT9 June 1970
Senior Constable Allen David PRICE11 December 1981
Detective Sergeant Second Class Ian Graham BRADFORD29 January 1984
Brevet Sergeant Glen Anthony HUITSON3 August 1999
Senior Constable Michael READ5 December 2014

Further information on Northern Territory Police Officers killed in the execution of their duties can be found on the National Police Memorial Honour Roll

*NB: At the time of Mounted Constable 1/C Shirley’s passing, the Northern Territory was under the South Australian control. In 1931, the two territories (Northern & Central) became the Northern Territory of Australia and the authority of the Commissioner of Police was vested in the Administrator of the Northern Territory.

Northern Territory Police Officers who died whilst serving


Constable William DAVIS16 November 1872
Trooper 3/C Henry WILKINSON10 February 1876
Trooper Charles Weston LEES08 November 1880
Constable 3/C James Marshall MILLER10 December 1880
Mounted Constable 3/C Alexander Grey WOOD09 June 1881
Foot Constable 3/C Thomas CHARLESWORTH22 February 1884
Mounted Constable 3/C Joseph William WHEATLEY05 September 1888
Mounted Constable 2/C Charles Patrick JOHNSTON4 December 1907
Mounted Constable James Patrick TOOLE23 March 1909
Mounted Constable Matthew Francis DOWDY17 June 1915
Constable Samuel Francis KEATING5 June 1916
Mounted Constable Cecil Masterton McDONALD29 July 1919
Mounted Constable Edward Eugene McNULTY25 November 1917
Constable John Joseph LYONS13 April 1927
Mounted Constable Arthur Robinson CLAPP5 November 1927
Commissioner Robert STOTT5 May 1928
Mounted Constable John Clow MacKAY13 October 1928
Mounted Constable Henry ALLEN14 December 1930
Mounted Constable Edward Joseph HEATHCOCK28 June 1944
Senior Constable Peter D’Arcy BRUUN7 December 1952
Constable Frank Barry LACEY13 August 1962
Constable Bart MOUTHAAN31 August 1963
Detective Constable 1/C Ronald Frank CORBIN29 May 1965
Senior Constable Gordon Cameron Heaslop STOTT14 December 1965
Chief Inspector James Joseph MANNION18 September 1968
Detective Constable Ashley Scott PHILLIPS9 November 1974
Senior Constable Victor Julian HOY17 January 1978
Superintendent Robert Bedford JACKSON4 March 1983
Cadet Gregory Dean JERICHO3 January 1984
Constable 1/C Roger Anthony PRIOR29 September 1986
Constable Justin David SHARPE1 March 1987
Sergeant Rodney Desmond EVANS8 March 1990
Detective Senior Constable Raymond Hedley WATKINSON1 May 1990
Sergeant Graham George CHUNG24 August 1990
Constable Patricia Anne BRENNAN18 February 1991
Police Aide Gavin Jabaltjari SPENCER16 March 1991
Constable 1/C William Willis STAVERS11 January 1992
Senior Constable Paul Allan RILEY16 October 1996
Superintendent Thomas USHER4 April 1997
Detective Sergeant John Leslie HAYES23 June 1997
Police Auxiliary 1/C Mary FRASER16 April 1998
Sergeant Shane KAPPLER11 January 2000
Senior Constable Arthur William DELLAR14 January 2000
Senior Constable Anthony ARMSTRONG6 May 2000
Constable Paul THOMPSON12 April 2001
Sergeant Jason LINDSAY22 April 2001
Constable Scott WILLIAMS10 October 2004
Police Auxiliary Helen RAMSAY6 December 2006
Aboriginal Community Police Officer Thomas MATTHEWS7 November 2007
Aboriginal Community Police Officer Alberto CUBILLO9 April 2008
Sergeant Brett MEREDITH2 January 2010
Senior Constable Peter WIESENEKKER31 July 2010
Sergeant Michael CORNFORD1 June 2012
Sergeant Mary-Ann SKELTON17 June 2012
Detective Sergeant Anthony HENRYS5 September 2018
Aboriginal Community Police Officer Austin HAMPTON-TUNGUTALUM25 December 2018
Senior Police Auxiliary Kim JOHNSON17 January 2019
Auxiliary Meleane MAKA28 May 2019
Constable Melanie TYNDALL31 August 2019
Constable 1/C Denise GODDARD25 April 2021
Senior Constable 1/C Justin SCHREMMER21 February 2022
Senior Constable 1/C Michael DEUTROM16 April 2022
Aboriginal Community Police Officer Liam PRESLEY13 June 2022
Senior Auxiliary Kim Maree LUCAS9 February 2023
Sergeant John PINI2 April 2024

“May they rest in peace and honour’