The National Police Service Medal recognises the special status that sworn police officers have because of their role protecting the community. It represents a police officer's past and future commitment to give ethical and diligent service.

The Governor-General awards the National Police Service Medal on the recommendation of the responsible Police Commissioner.

While a minimum of 15 years service is required to qualify for the National Police Service Medal, it does not represent a distinct period of service. A police officer must have been serving on or after 14 February 1975 in order to qualify for the National Police Service Medal.

The National Police Service Medal can also be awarded to persons whose ability to complete the minimum qualifying period has been removed through death, injury or disability in the course of their police service.

Enquiries about individual eligibility and applications for the medal should be directed to:

NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services
Senior Protocol Officer
08 8985 8817

Further information about the award is available at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website here.