6 May 2021

The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) welcome the government’s announcement in relation to amendments to youth crime laws in an effort to tackle repeat offending in our community.

Important changes to bail laws and the expansion of the list of prescribed offences is a positive first step in recognising the impact to victims of crimes in the current climate, as well as the incredible amount of work it takes police to deal with the current system.

“It is clear the government have taken on board direct feedback from our members on the ground who for too long carry the workload of what is a larger social issue, one which has to start in the home”, President Paul McCue said.

“We recognise the CLP have been pushing urgently for change in this space as well, and we hope to see changes in legislation passed next week on urgency to begin breaking the cycle of crime, in particular for the 16% of youths who continue to reoffend.  Doing this should prevent some of the horrendous attacks we have seen on the community and our police in recent times”, Mr McCue said. 

Mr McCue said any objection to the legislation passing only serves to delay helping both future victims of crime, but from helping the children rehabilitate from what are clearly unsafe home environments and a life filled with nothing but crime.


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