21 July 2021

Twelve months ago the NTPA President Paul McCue called on the government to ensure that our members have staffing and resourcing to provide a sustainable, long-term policing model on our borders and to undertake monitoring and quarantine compliance duties, while ensuring day-to-day policing is not adversely impacted.

The recent Estimates Committee reported the police force being $4m over budget. This report confirms there are substantial gaps in the workforce which currently rely on regular overtime to meet core frontline policing.

NTPA President Paul McCue said “Over the last 12 months the NT police has seen the attrition rate double. Police have been on the frontline of this global pandemic, with some police pulled away from their families for weeks on end to man border control points and keep Territorians safe. 

"We have seen many members redeployed to Operation Crown, which has led to a shortage of staff in many work units. It is not good enough that members are needed to work regular overtime, just to get the job done. We are seeing our members fatigued and suffering burnout, recreation leave cancelled, a risk of increased sick leave and unfortunately many have chosen to leave the force.

“The government must ensure our members have the staffing and resourcing to do their job and we call on the government to commit to additional police to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our members long term.”  


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