19 September 2021

The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) are aware of the video by Deputy Smalpage which has circulated on social media since yesterday evening.
It appears the video was accidently recorded by Deputy Commissioner Smalpage in the course of a meeting with other officers and posted online. 
The NTPA are aware an Internal Broadcast was issued by Mr Smalpage apologising for his actions followed by a PFES Media release with a similar statement.
Whilst the matter appears accidental, the reputation of the Police Force, and its members is of paramount concern. The video appears to have been viewed thousands of times, and has the potential therefore to bring discredit, or adversely affect, the police force.
It is clear the recording of the video by Mr Smalpage was accidental, however as with a majority of social media breaches, the question of intent is not relevant, given it is how it might be perceived by others including the potential to bring disrepute to all members of the Police Force.
President Paul McCue said, “Our office have been inundated with complaints regarding the video, and we are yet to hear what the Commissioner will determine should happen.  It is clear from our feedback; they want to hear from the Commissioner on this issue”. 
The NTPA immediately calls on the Commissioner to commence an investigation into how the video was posted, and what action he intends to take given the reputational damage to the police force following the careless release of this video. 
Our general membership are regularly subjected to discipline action in circumstances not dissimilar to this.   Those standards must apply across all ranks. 
“Until such time as that investigation is carried out, Deputy Commissioner Smalpage ought to stand aside from his current position to provide clear transparency and avoid any conflict of interest perceptions”, Mr McCue said.


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