7 November 2021

The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) strongly condemns the violence against our members during a protest in Darwin yesterday.
The police have once again been targeted by narrow minded individuals who felt it was acceptable to push their message by using weapons against police who were out there simply doing their job.
The professionalism and patience shown by our members in the face of these cowardly and despicable acts is a credit to them and their training.
The protesters ignored the advice of the Commissioner of Police and placed themselves and our members at risk and in harms way, and this is unforgivable.
President Paul McCue said, “A peaceful and lawful protest is acceptable, throwing rocks and substances at our officers is not.  It is cowardly and inexcusable”.

“It is quite clear immediate additional emergency funding is needed to boost public order response capability in the light of yesterday's attack on our members.  The drawdown in this capability several years ago has left a void which government must fill immediately before any more of our officers go home injured”.


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