10 December 2021

The NT Police Association has renewed its call for the review of sentences for assaulting Police Officers to be fast-tracked after three NT Police members were assaulted this week.
Police Minister Nicole Manison announced earlier this year a review of sentences handed down to those found guilty of assaults on Police would be undertaken.
NT Police Association President Paul McCue said the most recent incidents this week included two officers being spat on and one being struck by a tyre iron thrown from a car.
“Assaults against Police Officers - who are simply doing their job of protecting the community - are unacceptable,” he said.
“The incidents are a timely reminder to those who legislate penalties for this behaviour to ensure the punishments act as a deterrent.
“Right now, there are too many of our members being attacked on the front line.
"From being spat and enduring the stress of awaiting test results with the backdrop of a pandemic to being physically struck, the impact of an assault has a long lasting impact on an officer’s mental wellbeing.
“Politicians continue to say assaults on police are unacceptable. We need those words to mean something, and our members need to know our law makers have their back.”
The assaults come as a number of violent acts against police in the past six months are detailed in the December edition of the NTPA’s publication Police News.
A study of assaults on police across the country revealed the NT is the most violent jurisdiction towards police.


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