22 March 2022

The Northern Territory Police Association says it beggars’ belief that Chief Minister Michael Gunner continues to throw all NT Police officers under a bus as he plays the blame game for recklessly stating “consequences will flow” following the Yuendumu Critical Incident.
Sadly, Mr Gunner has refused to take responsibility for his comments.
Despite the Chief Minister’s then comment being a part of the narrative of pre-trial publicity in the decision to move the trial from Alice Springs to Darwin, he continues to place blame on the NTPA for something that he said. 
President Paul McCue said, “Once again we have seen the Chief Minister, happy to lay the blame for something he said at the feet of every single police officer in the NT, those very men and women who put their lives on the line each day to protect him, his family, and every other member of the community. 
“It is any wonder we have seen one of the greatest resignation rates of police officers in history over the last 2 years, under his watch, given his attitude toward them?   It is costing millions of taxpayers’ dollars to employ and train officers to replace those he could do more to keep if it was not for irresponsible commentary such as what we have seen today.
“The NTPA has every right to convey the concerns of our members, and in this case, a large portion of the community. 
"The Chief Minister is deliberately using terminology which only inflames an already upset police force, and community, this morning saying how the union has weaponised and politicised his words.  Yet he does not go on to say exactly how we did that, failing once again to understand the that the perception of what he said, is reality to those who heard it.
President Paul McCue said, “it is time for the Chief Minister to focus on repairing over 2 years of damage to the Police Force, something both he and the then ICAC Commissioner contributed to. Our professional Police Force would expect nothing less from their head of government, and if he is not prepared to mend those bridges, he should step aside and let someone else willing to do those hard yards into the seat”.

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