4 April 2022

The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) continue to call on urgent reform regarding sentencing for assaults on police on the back of yet another vial and disgusting assault on our members, this time in Alice Springs.
A teenager on a suspended sentence for two assaults on police officers allegedly spat on, repeatedly punched, attempted to bite and kicked five Alice Springs police officers in an incident on Saturday.
It is apparent two Police officers were spat on in their faces, one was repeatedly punched in the head and two others were assaulted during the incident at a major Alice Springs shopping centre.
NTPA President Paul McCue said the incident was another example of why mandatory terms of imprisonment were required for those convicted of assaults on NT Police officers.  “What is it going to take for the government to listen to our concerns?  How many times do our officers need to go home injured before reform actually occurs?" Mr McCue said.
The alleged offender was recognised by an Alice Springs police officer as the subject of an arrest warrant when he attempted to buy alcohol from an Alice Springs bottleshop.
It appears once the officer informed the teenager he was under arrest, the man resisted by pushing him in the chest to try and break free, then repeatedly punched the officer in the head, striking him with a closed fist. 
A second police officer ran to help, and as they tried to arrest him, the offender attempted to bite one of the officer’s ears and spit at the members. 
A third officer on duty at a nearby bottle shop attended. As the officer moved the offender to the police vehicle it is alleged he kicked the officer in the knee causing the officer to fall to the ground in pain. During the incident, the offender was attempting to spit on the officers.
Thankfully, some off duty officers were able to assist, something the arresting officers were very grateful for. 
When the offender arrived at the watchhouse, he continued his attack on police and allegedly spat at both officers. Spittle hit one member all over his face, and in the other officer’s left eye.
Mr McCue said this incident was disgraceful and reinforces the NTPA’s call for mandatory jail terms for those convicted on assaults on Police.
“We have campaigned for many years for our elected members to take action and implement penalties that will act as a deterrent for offenders who continue to act in the abhorrent way towards our members,” he said.
“The NTPA has waited for months for an update from the Gunner Government’s working group on assaults on workers. We are still waiting for that update.
“These members now face an anxious wait for test results to see if they have contracted a communicable disease."

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