11 April 2022

The NT Police Association is calling for the immediate reinstatement of the City Safe patrol group following yet another assault on a frontline member at a Darwin CBD nightclub.

A member was kicked in the head while attempting to arrest a women at an Edmund St bar. The assault is another incidence of violence against NT Police in the past week.
The City Safe patrol group were dedicated to walking the CBD entertainment precinct streets giving police a high visibility presence in and around Mitchell St.
However, City Safe was disbanded to bolster the number of General Duties patrols in the Darwin region leaving members working in the CBD without vital back up when attempting to restore order in the city’s pubs and clubs.
NTPA President Paul McCue said this assault was inexcusable and exposed the lack of police resources available in the CBD to protect the community.
He said it also put the safety of members at risk when called to volatile situations where patrons are intoxicated and at a heightened state with little to no back up to help the officers.
“We need the City Safe reinstated immediately so the frontline officers can work knowing there is adequate reinforcements in the CBD area if they are required,” he said.
“Policing in an entertainment precinct can be extremely challenging. When police are called to a pub because of a patron’s poor behaviour they can be extremely drunk and aggressive and among a larger crowd of onlookers which adds another layer of complexity to the situation.
“City Safe needs to be reinstated to give the public the confidence to know they will be kept safe if a violent situation arises and the safety of our members will not be compromised.”  


Please direct all media enquiries to NTPA Communications Officer, Kieran Banks +61 (0)  499 017 654 or