5 May 2022

The Northern Territory Police Association welcomes the announcement of additional funding in the Budget for the NT Police, after what has been an extremely challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

NTPA President Paul McCue said funding for 21 remote police officers was a positive step forward, but would eagerly await more detail on how the funding would be allocated in the budget papers.
“Members in remote communities have been forced at times to work up to 70 hours of overtime in a fortnight simply because there is no one available to help. This funding will hopefully allow members to have some respite,” he said.
“We hope to see a significant investment in improving the mental health and wellbeing services provided to members, after Police Minister Nicole Manison agreed to undertake a review of services after years of lobbying from the NTPA.
“We will wait for the budget papers to be released before commenting further on how the money is allocated.”