03 October 2022

The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) is warning the NT Government and Commissioner of Police, Jamie Chalker APM, to prepare for a mass exodus of police if the wage freeze is not lifted.

NTPA President, Paul McCue, said it is insulting to every single member of the NT police force that Government refuses to recognise the significant contribution our members have made – and continue to make each and every day.

“The NT Government can’t honestly expect police to roll over and accept a wage freeze when our members have gone above and beyond during COVID restrictions, keeping the NT’s borders safe, and dealing with the ongoing, staggering, levels of crime, violence and anti-social behaviour, right across the Territory – all while cost of living pressures continue to skyrocket.

“Soon, Queensland police officers will be voting on their latest offer from a government clearly focussed on retaining its officers, with an 11 percent pay rise over three years, plus up to an additional three percent per year if CPI exceeds annual wages increases. In addition, other improvements to allowances and superannuation all equal an offer which recognises the importance of attraction and retention. 

In a letter to members, Queensland Police Union President, Ian Leavers, said “This offer demonstrates that this (Queensland) government is doing the right thing by police and their families and that they care about our wages, conditions and trying to find a work-life balance.”

He went on to say, “This agreement recognises the added roles and responsibilities that many members of the QPU now have to face, and in particular this is demonstrated by their support for police by ensuring this wage deal most recognises those police working unsociable hours in frontline, first response roles.”

“That is in stark contrast with the wages offer being put to NT police by Government, which is an offensive pay freeze.

“Since the commencement of negotiations in February of this year, our position has been absolutely clear in terms of a salary percentage increase as the only mechanism for the NTPA to be in a position to support a new Consent Agreement and recommend it to our members.

“The fact that 88% of officers who took part in our recent survey rejected this insulting wages offer speaks volumes. Nearly 9 out of 10 have said NO.

“The current offer is completely inconsistent with wage policies of other jurisdictions and the Federal Government.

“Adding insult, is the fact the Minister responsible, Paul Kirby, hasn’t bothered to engage in negotiations which have been ongoing since February, except to send a pitiful three-line response to our concerns. In that letter he handballed responsibility to the Commissioner for Public Employment. Minister Kirby hasn’t once picked up the phone to the NTPA or invited us to a meeting. What that tells us, is he isn’t interested in supporting NT Police.

Barely a day goes by that Government does not praise our members for their hard work:

“We value our police officers. We've valued the enormous amount of work. And over the last two years, they've had to do things that I don't think anyone would have expected. We've had them out on borders. We've had them working in really trying conditions, and we need to work with them and the leadership that they have through the police union so that we can implement the change that they crave.” – Chief Minister Natasha Fyles, speaking on Mix104.9 August 8, 2022

“In a nutshell (the response from this agency to protect Territorians from the COVID-19 pandemic), has significantly contributed to keeping our community safe. The endless hours, remote locations and sacrifices made to drop whatever they were doing at a moment’s notice to deploy to borders or remote communities, is testament to the character of these incredible Territorians.” – Police Minister Kate Worden, NT Estimates June 20, 2022

“I thank the very hard-working men and women of the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services because they have sacrificed a lot since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day they go above and beyond in the interests of the safety of all Territorians. Again, I thank them. Day-in, day-out, they never disappoint. They have demonstrated their utmost professionalism and dedication to duty. For their efforts thus far and into the future, I sincerely thank them.” – Deputy Chief Minister, and then-Police Police Minister Nicole Manison, NT Estimates June 21, 2021

“It’s not acceptable our members are being offered ZERO salary increases for four years – when they are being expected to do more than ever before on behalf of the government and the Commissioner of Police.

“Our members deserve more than lip service. They deserve a real pay rise that reflects their dedication and sacrifice in protecting and serving the community of the Northern Territory, each and every day,” said Mr McCue.


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