26 October 2022

The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) says the NT Government’s proposed two percent pay rise for police is grossly inadequate to reward our hard-working members and combat skyrocketing cost of living pressures.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has today released figures highlighting the rise of the annual inflation rate to 7.3 percent, while Darwin recorded an annual rise of 7 percent.

NTPA President, Paul McCue, said the inflation rate in regional and remote areas of the Northern Territory, where a large number of our members are stationed, would be significantly higher.

“We have been in negotiations with the Commissioner for Public Employment and the Commissioner of Police since February. Our current Consent Agreement expired on 29 June 2022, and we are yet to be provided a new offer, following the announcement of Labor’s pay freeze backflip earlier this month.

“Our members deserve a wage rise that reflects their dedication and sacrifice. They deserve a wage rise that keeps up with cost of living.

“We welcome the scrapping of Labor’s pay freeze wages policy, but two percent is well below our original log of claims, and doesn’t take into account the inflation spike since negotiations began in February.

“We are disappointed the NT Government isn’t taking our members seriously. We have heard crickets from the Commissioner of Public Employment, and the Public Employment Minister, Paul Kirby, since that wages policy change – despite assurances a new offer would be provided the week after the pay freeze was scrapped.

‘We call on the Government and Commissioner to provide a new offer, as a priority, to ensure our members receive the wage deal they deserve.

“The longer this negotiation drags on, the more likely we are to lose police to more attractive offers interstate," said Mr McCue.


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