20 February 2023
The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) is calling for an urgent meeting of the working group established by former Police Minister, Nicole Manison, to address sentencing options for offenders who assault frontline workers, following a sickening axe attack on police at Daly River.
NTPA President, Paul McCue, said this was an appalling, reckless, and violent attack on hard-working members.
“The headline could have easily read: “POLICE OFFICER KILLED IN AXE ATTACK”.
“We will provide these officers all support necessary, along with other members who were assaulted in separate incidents over the weekend – including Tennant Creek where an officer was spat on, and another kicked to the head.
“The last time the Government’s working group, set up to review sentencing options for cowardly offenders who attack police, met was back in September 2021.
“It appears Government set up the working group with no real intention of it achieving anything.
“It’s little wonder a majority of our members say they don’t feel supported by the NT Government, as evidenced in our current survey.
“Imagine if this was the treatment our politicians received at work every day? Kicked, spat on, scratched, weapons thrown at them, or punched to the head. Imagine if they had to go home to their families to explain their injuries each day, just for serving our community. Where is the outrage from Government on this issue? 
“The most recent data, provided to the NTPA by the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services (NTPES), shows in the 122 days to 17 November 2022, there were 72 recorded assaults on our members. In the 2021/22 financial year, 212 of our members were attacked.
“In the last five full years, 1,054 police officers have been assaulted. That’s two thirds of our workforce.

“It is our expectation, and that of the community, that offenders who assault police face tough punishment.
“Our members are sick of being the Government’s punching bags”, said Mr McCue.

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