01 March 2023
The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) is calling for the NT Government to urgently commit to the 300 additional officers needed to meet policing demands, as outlined by Deputy Commissioner, Murray Smalpage APM, during yesterday’s coronial proceedings in Alice Springs.
NTPA President, Paul McCue, said the Deputy Commissioner confirmed what our members have been telling us for years, the NT Police Force is critically understaffed and struggling to deal with the staggering levels of crime, harm, and violence in our community.
“In our most recent survey, 98 percent of survey officers said there aren’t enough police to do the jobs expected of them. Deputy Commissioner Smalpage yesterday confirmed what that shortfall is.
“Police staffing is in crisis. Recruitment is struggling to keep up with attrition which has skyrocketed to more than 10 percent, and we are haemorrhaging officers due to fatigue, low morale and chronic resource neglect by Governments at the Territory and Federal level. This is all while dealing with a 30 percent increase in total crime, 126 percent increase in domestic and family violence and a 52 percent increase in unlawful entries over the past decade, as highlighted by the Deputy Commissioner.
“We want a commitment from the NT Labor Government that they will fund the additional 300 officers, as well as the $500 million infrastructure spend for station upgrades and additional accommodation, particularly in the bush.
“It’s absolutely disgraceful that our members are still forced to live and work out of dilapidated shipping containers left over from the 2007 Federal Intervention, and exhausted two-member stations can't have additional police because there's no housing for officers and their families.
“When will the NT Government step up and support our police with the staffing and infrastructure they need?” said Mr McCue.


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