11 April 2023
The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) is concerned and frustrated with the double standards being demonstrated by NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker APM, and NT Government in resolving an ongoing contract dispute.
Acting NTPA President Lisa Bayliss said the process being sought by Mr Chalker is in stark contrast with the options afforded to the rank and file of the NT Police Force.
“The Commissioner is calling on a process that is not available to our members. He is seeking fast-tracked mediation using top lawyers, overseen by an interstate judge, while the members of the force are subjected to a protracted dismissal appeals process that can take up to two years just to get a determination. Meanwhile, members can wait months, or even years for the outcome of an internal disciplinary investigation.
“These double standards are unacceptable and are causing ongoing harm to the morale and confidence of NT police officers.
“If a member of the police force believes they have been unfairly dismissed, they do not get paid, they have no access to Fair Work, and have no legitimate recourse except to rely on the NT Government to adequately resource the Tribunal to secure a hearing date – which could be two years after their termination.
“In the last two years, more than a dozen police officers have resigned their position, instead of facing a lengthy and often traumatic appeals process – despite believing they have been unfairly dismissed. Veteran police officer Mark Casey was not even afforded the opportunity to resign when faced with dismissal from the NT Police Force.
“Our members have made it very clear how they feel. Last August, 80% of survey officers said they didn’t have confidence in Commissioner Chalker, and if media reports are accurate – the NT Government has lost confidence in Commissioner Chalker.
“The NT Government must ensure fair and equitable treatment to guarantee all members of the NT Police Force are treated with fairness, transparency, and respect.
“While we welcome a swift outcome to provide stability to our hard-working members, the rank and file of the NT Police Force deserve the same level of respect and support as the Commissioner is seeking for himself to fast-track his own dispute resolution,” said Mrs Bayliss.

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The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) is the industrial voice of all members of the Northern Territory Police Force