12 July 2023

The Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA) says the Chief Minister has again proven just how out of touch she is, by claiming that remote police are ‘choosing to let down the community’ by taking sick leave.
ABC Radio Darwin, Tuesday 11 July 2023
“ .. when you get out remote, if you are one of just a couple of officers there, it can be really difficult. And so, you are choosing to let the community down by looking after yourself.”
NTPA President Nathan Finn said not only has the Chief Minister shown she is ignorant to the realities faced by our remote police, and wider membership, but she’s chosen to insult their dedication and commitment to serving and protecting the people of the Northern Territory.
“I’m shocked by the significant lack of understanding and empathy shown towards our officers, particularly after I met with the Chief Minister on Monday, where we specifically discussed the ongoing challenges faced by our remote members, as well as the crippling lack of resources and staffing right across the Territory.
“The reality is that many of our officers are exhausted and burnt out due to the lack of critical resources and staffing in the Northern Territory Police Force. This situation is at crisis point, and it is the result of the NT Government's failure to listen to the concerns of the police and provide them with adequate support.
“Our members are real people who experience physical and mental fatigue. Taking sick leave is a necessity for their wellbeing and their ability to continue serving the community effectively. To suggest that they are intentionally letting the community down is not only unfair but also demonstrates a complete disregard for their mental health and wellbeing.
“I would also like to remind the Chief Minister that Deputy Commissioner Murray Smalpage stated in February, during the Yuendumu coronial, that the Northern Territory Police Force needs an additional 300 officers to meet current demand, as well as a $500 million infrastructure spend. This is a clear indication that the NT Government has failed to address the growing needs of our police force over the past decade.
“Crime rates have soared, attrition is at 11 percent, and our officers are stretched beyond breaking point. If the Chief Minister is claiming the community is being ‘let down’, she only has herself and her Government to blame for neglecting its duty to properly resource and support our hard-working members,” said Mr Finn.


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